Why You Should Seal Your Asphalt

You spent a lot of time and money making your driveway a smooth and attractive entrance to your home. If you haven’t applied sealant to the completed project, you may find yourself doing the whole thing again within a few years. There are a few reasons why asphalt sealing is important to the life and health of your driveway.

The number one reason to seal your asphalt driveway is because a sealed driveway repels water. While water may seem innocent and rain is necessary for plants and animals to survive, it is detrimental to your asphalt driveway. Water can cause cracks in your beautiful driveway. The small cracks may seem harmless when the first appear, but as water gets into the cracks, serious damage will occur. The small, harmless looking cracks will become huge cracks, especially if the water inside them freezes.

The second most harmful element for your new asphalt driveway is the sun. Known for its ability to light and heat the earth, the sun dries out your asphalt and hastens corrosion. A good coat of sealant repels the sun and blocks its rays from harming your asphalt driveway.

Asphalt sealing is not a one-time project. Sealant should be applies at least every three years. You may be able to seal your driveway yourself with products purchase at a home supply store. However, if you have cracks or other signs of damage on your asphalt, consulting a professional before applying a fresh coat of sealant can prevent future problems.

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