The Benefits Of A Glycolic Acid Lotion

There is no doubt about it, a Glycolic Acid lotion helps with a myriad of problems while making your skin softer, healthier and more exfoliated. Glycolic Acid promotes the growth of new skin cells which replace old, dead and dying skin cells. Using one of these lotions on a daily basis is great for your skin and will keep you looking young and fresh.

Glycolic Acid lotions make your skin look stunning, but they also have many other benefits when it comes to skin problems.


When people suffer from acne it can be really tough on their self esteem. When a person with acne applies a cream that contains Glycolic Acid it penetrates the skin and gets deep down into their pores. This lotion helps to clean out the bacteria that cause acne and tightens pores to reduce redness and swelling.

The exfoliating properties of the lotion will scrub off all of the dead skin cells and give the users skin a nice and fresh looking glow. If dead skin cells are left on the face they can lead to folliculitis, a bad form of acne. Using a Glycolic Acid lotion will ensure that you keep acne at bay.


Rosacea is a skin ailment where blood vessels enlarge and give the skin a reddish tint. Applying a Glycolic Acid lotion cleans out your pores and it helps your blood vessels constrict. Using one of these creams will reduce redness and inflammation that is related to Rosacea.

Dry Skin

When a person has dry and scaly skin, the best course of treatment is to use a good exfoliate. Glycolic Acid acts as an exfoliate and kills any germs that may be causing problems on your skin. If you constantly have dry skin, using a lotion on a regular basis will help balance it out.

As a consumer, you need to remember that the lotion is not the end all be all of treatments. If you stick to a regimen, you are a lot more likely to cure yourself of whatever affliction is bothering you. If you have a major problem you should go to your doctor or dermatologist to discuss your options.

If your problems have just started and are not major, you should look into getting a Glycolic Acid lotion to help you out. Make sure you read the instructions and use the product exactly as directed. The lotion is good for your skin, but overdoing it is not.

Keep in mind that you should not wear a Glycolic Acid lotion all day. There are restrictions to how long you can wear it before it starts to burn your skin and have negative effects. How long you need to wear it depends on what ailment you are trying to treat.

Every product is different, so it is up to you to read any warnings that may be on the label. Typically Glycolic Acid is used more like a soap than a facial mask. Most of the time you will just apply the lotion and rinse it off. The lotion does not need much time to sink into your skin and get absorbed by your pores.

When you buy a lotion, look for one that has a Glycolic Acid concentration of at least 3%. This is usually the standard for most lotions and the easiest on your skin. If you need anything stronger it is a good idea to talk to a dermatologist because strong concentrations need to be used under supervision.

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