Talking With A Sushi Chef Is A Great Way To Find A Good One

When the topic of sushi comes up many people mistakenly believe that means raw fish. The cooking art of sushi is not all about raw fish. Many dishes served by the best sushi chefs have some or all of the components fully cooked. There are many sushi recipes that have no raw fish in them at all, though some vegetables in them are raw. However, if you are a lover of sushi, whether raw or not, here are a few things you should know about finding an excellent sushi restaurant in your area.

Some of the best quality fish to be found locally can be found at your local sushi restaurant. When you find a great sushi chef you want to sit at the sushi bar and watch him work. Watch his style of making the dishes. A great sushi chef is practicing an art exactly as it has been done for literally thousands of years.

Get to know the main chef in a sushi bar. Talk with him as he prepares the various dishes, but also allow him to focus on his preparations or speak with the other patrons. Once you have visited three or four times and become friendly you will find the standard dishes become a little less standard and in your favor too. Offer to let the chef surprise you with something he would like to serve you. If he is good at his craft he will ask you a few questions about what you like and don’t like. Finding a great sushi chef is fun and filling when you go about it with an open mind.
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