An orthodontist is a special type of doctor that examines and treats the teeth and the jaws. He uses his specialty to correct these two body parts if the are misaligned. For example, a child may visit an orthodontist to get braces so that his teeth grow in straight. Misaligned teeth can affect self esteem and cause facial development issues in children and adults.An orthodontist has usually completed a three year residency program before practicing.

Orthodontists use a variety of tools and techniques to make a diagnosis and begin treatments. Every orthodontist will use an x ray of the teeth and jaw to narrow down any condition. An x ray may discover an overbite or a specific misalignment of the teeth. These are called malocclusions and can cause disproportionate jaws. Some correction methods include braces, retainers and possibly surgery. Orthodontists may also educate their patients about how to care for their teeth. He may encourage special brushing techniques or ask patients to floss their teeth regular More info: orthodontist Plantation

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