Machines That Use Pneumatic Motors

There are a number of different machines which are designed to lift heavy pieces of equipment. Some of these are designed with pneumatic motors as the method used to raise the parts used for lifting. The most common piece of equipment using this type of air pressure motor is the industrial car jack or lift. This is the large item used by service stations to lift entire vehicles into the air. These motors are available in different sizes with different weight lifting capabilities.

In addition to the lifts or jacks used by service stations, there are also scaled down versions available for home use. These can be used to raise riding lawn mowers for do-it-yourself repair jobs. Other lifting devices using this type of motor include those designed to lift engines out of cars. This type of device is also available in models for home use. The design of this product places a motor driven pole on a base designed with wheels. The wheels allow the base to be positioned under cars or trucks so the upper portion wit More info: Pneumatic Motors

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