How To Fix A Chipped Windshield

Over the course of its lifetime, your car is bound to be the recipient of a cracked windshield. Although there is little an owner can do to proactively prevent a cracked windshield from happening, the owner can restore the windshield to its original state with an easy-to-use auto glass chip repair kit. Here is how to fix a chipped windshield with one of these repair kits:

Step 1: Firstly, the cracked surface will need to be cleaned with an ordinary glass cleaner to remove any dirt on the surface.

Step 2: Use the vacuum device to suck out any remaining glass in the crack.

Step 3: Apply the resin to the crack.

Step 4: Use a razor to scrap the leftover resin from around the crack. More info: Auto Glass Chip Repair Kits

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