How To Avoid The Stress Of Buying A Ford Cincinnati At A Dealership

If you’re buying a Ford Cincinnati in the next few months, and you’re dreading every minute of negotiating with a dealer, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Most people hate buying cars at a Ford Cincinnati dealership, due to the pressure tactics many dealers employ. By following just a few tips, though, you can avoid those pressure tactics completely, and that will make your car buying experience so much more fun and pleasant.

Go to the dealer with your mind made up. You will not spend any more than the amount you can afford, no matter what the dealers tries to sell you or what he says. With that attitude, you can sit and smile as the dealer insists you “need” all these extras. After all, he’s just wasting his breath.

Find out what is a reasonable price for the model of car you want even before you get to the dealer. Just 15 minutes on the Internet will get you this information and, when you walk into the dealer’s office and he tries to convince you the price is several thousand dollars higher, you’ll know you’re being cheated.

Refuse to buy an extended warranty. They are not needed in the majority of cases, and will just add a hefty chunk of money onto an already expensive car.

Never be afraid to leave a dealership if you can’t get the price you want, or if the salesperson’s sales pitch is overly aggressive. Remember, there are so many dealerships in town where you can buy exactly the car you want and usually at a lower price, there’s no reason to sit in one where you’re just wasting your time.

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