Dog Clothes For The Discerning Canine

Whether living in a single person residence or a large house bursting at the seams full of people, the dog is usually considered an honored family member. People show their love for their dogs in a variety of ways. They may buy them gourmet treats, invest in a top of the line bed for their dog, or they may hire a babysitter when they have to leave. Sometimes an owner’s love and devotion to a dog can be measured by the size of its wardrobe.

Sometimes dog clothes serve a more functional purpose. Tinier breeds of dogs with short hair often benefit from wearing a sweater for protection from the cold, or from the UV rays of the sun when it is warm outside. Shoes can protect the tender pads of their feet from hot asphalt or the harsh salts used on icy surfaces. Humans can benefit from clothes for their dogs, also. T-shirts cut down on the amount of loose allergy causing dander in the home, and shoes can protect the floor from dirt tracked in on paws.

Sometimes dog clothes serve a more aesthetic purpose. Ther

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