Denver Exhibits and Exhibitions

Denver, Colorado has many fascinating exhibits, ranging from the historical to those celebrating local, regional and national culture and achievements.

The Denver Firefighters Museum has firefighting exhibits, firefighting equipment exhibits and history, and the chance to slide down a real fire-pole in historic Firehouse No. 1.

The Denver Wildlife Experience currently has an amphibian exhibit, Frogs! A Chorus of Colors, which is an interactive zoological experience.

The Denver Art Museum has an exhibit by Stacey Steers, titled “Night Hunter,” displayed March through August of this year.

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum currently features the exhibit “Frontiers: Colorado Inspirations and Fiber Innovations by the Front Range Contemporary Quilters.

Other exhibits in Denver, Colorado include Buffalo Bill’s Museum and Grave, the Children’s Museum of Denver, the Forney Museum of Transportation, and The Mizel Museum. More info: exhibits denver

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