Barbicide Jar A Staple In Hair Salons

Every professional hair stylist who values the safety of his clients insists that the salon or barbershop he works in have a barbicide jar easily accessible at every work station. The barbicide jar has been in use in barbershops, hair salons and spas since the late 1940s when it was first introduced. Barbicide is a disinfectant solution that is blue in color and is housed in a signature glass jar with a stainless steel lid.

The barbicide jar is used to hold scissors, combs and shears when not in use and helps to disinfect them from fungi, bacteria and numerous viruses. Each time a hair stylist reaches for one of the tools of their trade which has been stored in a barbicide jar, he can be assured that the instrument is clean and ready for use on the next client. Since barbicide jars have been put into use in hair salons and barbershops, the risk of clients becoming infected from the hairdresser using an unclean tool has been dramatically lowered.

A specially designed retrieval basket allows the stylist to pull out the desired tool from the barbicide jar without getting his fingers into the disinfectant liquid. The official barbicide jar offers a lifetime guarantee against any of its stainless steel parts rusting and features a rubber ring on the bottom of the glass jar to prevent the jar from slipping or sliding along countertops. The barbicide jar is available in a tall model used for most combs and scissors, as well as small and midsize jars that are in high demand for use at manicure tables in salons.

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